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Email Marketing Blogs: Learn More About Email Marketing For Free

Updated in 2021

Continuous learning for marketers is vital. We need to stay up-to-date with the current trends, news, and releases. Changes can impact our marketing strategies, campaign creation or even audience segmentation. Email marketing is no exception. Fortunately, there are many resources online to learn about email marketing for free (such as this blog!). Therefore, I’ll introduce you to some excellent email marketing blogs to help you boost your learning journey. Check them out and let me know your thoughts.

Which Email Marketing Blogs Should You Follow?

OK, first, even though I am not a fan of self-promotion, I’ll dedicate this small paragraph to my own blog. So… here it goes. Codemefy blog has been created as a knowledge hub for digital marketing with special attention to email marketing. That’s always been my passion. I always look for the latest digital and email marketing news and updates. I search for interesting ideas to share with you. By the way, you can subscribe to get my emails (and unsubscribe if you don’t like them). With each update, I will include (and hopefully not exclude) useful blogs that popped up on my radar. Enjoy!

Litmus Email Marketing Blog

Litmus was founded in 2005. Throughout the years, it has become quite a knowledge hub for all email marketers. Be sure to check out their State of Email Report and listen to their really great podcasts. Their email marketing blog is excellent for all email marketers: beginners and advanced. Here’s the link to Litmus email marketing blog.

Really Good Emails Blog

Really Good Emails is actually a fantastic resource for any marketer – they have a tremendous collection of emails you can analyse for some inspiration. I use them often! They also have a “school” tab, where you can read and expand your knowledge for free. Ready for some extra learning? Access the Really Good Emails School resources here.

Smaily Email Marketing Blog

Smaily is a growing Email Service Provider based in Europe. They have many years of experience under their belt, and I have to give kudos to their fantastic team. Smaily has a strong and active blog, devoted to email marketing. You can search for email best practices, learn about automation, subscribers and email content. Check them out – you can visit Smaily blog here.

Mailchimp Resources

Mailchimp is another Email Service Provider that has been developing their knowledge centre throughout the years. They have interesting case studies and lots of marketing tips you can read and learn from. Here’s a link to Mailchimp resource page.

Hubspot Resources for Email Newsletters

Hubspot has good educational content about marketing. They also have several email marketing articles for beginners and intermediate level. You can find some handy templates and planners too. Check out the Hubspot learning path for email marketers here.

Stoneshot Blog for Financial Services Marketing

If you’re in the Financial Services industry, I recommend reading Stoneshot blog because they have a lot of knowledge specific to the Financial Services. Even if you aren’t in the industry, you can definitely find some excellent learnings on how to market in a tightly regulated environment. Here’s the link to Stoneshot blog.

Emma Email Marketing Blog

This is a new addition to the list – I’ve been recommended to keep an eye on their email marketing blog. Emma has plenty of articles with email marketing tips, examples and strategies. You can visit Emma blog page here.

Campaign Monitor Digital and Email Marketing Blog

Campaign Monitor has a digital and email marketing blog. They have many articles in their library so grab some tea or a coffee and take in some of that free email marketing knowledge. Here’s a link to their blog.

AWeber Marketing Blog

There are many interesting articles on the AWeber marketing blog. You can browse through different categories such as email marketing tips, email deliverability, email template design and more. Check them out – you can visit their blog from here.

Email on Acid Blog

Email on Acid website says they “live, breathe and dream in email”. So, no surprise that their blog is focused on email marketing. It’s a good resource centre for email marketing, best practices and industry news. So, if you have some time, check out their blog.

GetResponse Marketing Blog

GetResponse is an email marketing platform with a good number of resources to get started in email marketing. Their blog section has excellent articles about marketing funnels, email marketing and even social media. Here’s a link to their blog.

Read, Watch, Listen and Learn

I hope you found the email marketing blog list useful. I would also recommend leaving a comment on the articles you would like to learn more or clarify something. Just ask a question (if are allowing comments on their articles). Because if they are allowing comments, then I’m sure someone’s watching them and they’d be happy to try to answer your questions.

And if you find any more good email marketing blogs to follow, let me know!

Originally written in April 2018, last updated January 2021


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