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Expert Forums, Facebook and LinkedIn Groups for Email Marketers

There are many different platforms where email marketers gather. Some of the email community will be active on Facebook, others in LinkedIn groups or various forums. This time, I’ve decided to have a look at a few email marketing forums and groups. Sometimes, email marketers find themselves as a “one-person team”, and it can be challenging without others’ support. So let’s find out where you can get yourself involved with the email marketing community.

MailerForum – Email Marketing Forum

MailerForum is another forum where you can find email marketers, ask and answer questions. After registering to this email forum, I found some questions I could give answers to and help a few fellow e-marketers. Registration was relatively easy, but I did encounter some technical glitches.

It’s a shame though that the engagement is quite low there, many of the posts are quite old. I read that there was a change of management a few years ago and a lot of members were looking forward to the revival of the forum.

Unsolved mystery of the dissapearing email marketers in the Mailer forum

Litmus Community Discussions

Litmus has a great community space. You may find traditional email marketing best practice questions there. However, what I love the most about this place is that it tackles the technical email marketing issues. So, if you’re looking for an email hack, dev help or encountering rendering issues, this is the place to be.

It’s an active discussion board, with lots of useful questions being asked and answered – starting from rendering in Outlook and finishing in fun community contests.

Forums with Email Marketing Category

The Warrior Forum

Many existing reviews are voicing serious concerns about it. Some are calling it a big scam, a money-making machine for the owners. Moreover, I’ve seen reviews say that the moderators’ goals are to sell things to you rather than grow a community. Even going as far as deleting answers and pushing their products instead. I haven’t seen that done, though.

The Warrior Forum is probably one of the most widely known marketing forums out there. You can browse through numerous threads and find some good ideas or, at least, help someone in need of information. However, now it’s more focused on digital marketing, that includes email marketing as a category.

A while back I tried their paid “War Room”, but I did not enjoy it at all. Therefore, I would caution you not to jump into these “special offers” without researching. First, look for free sources of information.

Other Digital Marketing Forums

If you look around, you can find other forums with at least a separate category dedicated to email marketing. For example, the Moz forum has a few great discussions about email marketing, and there are several in-depth answers.

New addition to this list, actually recommended was recommended right here in the comments section (thanks!). I’ve checked The Webmaster Sun forum, and I’m glad I can add it to my list. The forum has an email marketing category, where email best practice and email soul-searching questions are being asked.

Unfortunately, the biggest disadvantage of generic digital marketing forums is the limited number of users interested in the email marketing field and participating in email marketing discussions.  But, if you’re looking for an online place to hang out and find like-minded individuals, don’t dismiss such forums straight away.

Facebook Groups for Email Marketers

Ah, the search for fellow e-marketers directs me to Facebook. And I have discovered that there are some great groups for email marketers out there. In the bigger email marketing groups, unfortunately, you won’t get away with spamming questions. That’s heartbreaking to see how many email addresses are being sold.

But all is not lost. This time, I will give a shoutout to a Facebook group recommended by another great email marketer (you know who you are!). It’s called Women of Email. If you are one of the ladies enjoying email marketing, I would strongly recommend joining the Women of Email community. Their Facebook group is very active, informative and has a cool positive vibe. I guess that’s what I miss the most in many of the forums — the support for each other.

LinkedIn Groups for Email Marketers

Let’s not forget LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great place to grow your network. Besides, their groups are beneficial too. I’ll give a shoutout to one of them – the Email Marketing Gurus group.

It looks like a perfect space to discuss email-related topics with email marketing experts and practitioners. It’s active. Many experts at least try to answer the questions that are asked. Not a lot of spammy selly stuff, but decent, real questions. A place to raise your GDPR concerns, get recommendations about tools and much more.

Last But Not Least

If you have found a great group or forum, share with me and I will give them a try!

Originally published in May 2018, updated in January 2021


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