How to Grow Your Business with Twitter

Grow your business with Twitter

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Social media management has become one of the crucial factors for any business.  Thus, various companies and organisations, bloggers and entrepreneurs use social media to reap great benefits in many areas. To name a few: marketing, brand recognition, online presence, lead generation, customer service, and even sales gain big advantages when using social media. Twitter is one of the most important online channels that many industries can utilise.

Why Twitter?

Twitter is offering cost-effective, real-time reach.  You can use it to drive web traffic, get instant feedback, generate leads and engagement and much more. Unfortunately, manual use of Twitter for implementing your social media strategies could be time-consuming and less effective than utilising more automated tools.

Automation is Key

Codemefy recommends ManageFlitter, we tried it, and we like it! This app has more than 3 million users, seems solid and reliable. Make the best out of Twitter – ManageFlitter will help you grow your business presence.

  • Analytics

The dashboard will show you your performance. Monitor your progress, campaign activity and engagement.

  • Tweet Scheduling

Make yourself visible, plan your messages and automatically schedule your tweets.

  • Follow

Easily find new followers – you can even filter and copy followers from another account.

  • Unfollow

To grow your following, you need an easy way to monitor your unfollowers and new followers. Unfortunately, there are many bots out there that follow you and then automatically unfollow after a follow-back. To manage your account better, use ManageFlitter’s Unfollow tool. It will help you find the inactive followers, the ones who do not follow you back, their influence, the dates of follows and much more.

Try it for Free

You do not need to break the bank. You can use many of these features with their free account, just with some limitations. If you find you want to go for more, you can opt-in for a Pro or a Business account. Furthermore, both them are not too expensive either.