A Clean Mailing List Makes a Massive Difference to Success

clean mailing list

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Do you want to increase your open and click rates? Boost engagement and improve deliverability? One of the most important factors of being successful in your email marketing campaigns is ensuring a clean mailing list.

How does your database management influence your results? Here are a few reminders:

  • Your inbox placement depends on your database quality – the cleaner it is, the more chances your emails will reach the inboxes and won’t be regarded as spam
  • You will be less likely to hit spam traps. They will severely damage all the hard work you put into your email marketing campaigns
  • You will increase your engagement and will get higher opens and clicks, resulting in better sales and ROI

Remember, it is not the higher numbers of “sent” emails that represent your success, but engagement, sales or other goals you aim to achieve. You want to build relationships with your clients or subscribers, and you need to start by making sure you remove the incorrect and inactive email addresses.


10% bounce less than 44% inbox


30% of Your Database will Decay

We are not here to debate how you got your mailing list. Maybe you have been very diligent and put much effort into growing your subscribers organically. However, you might have purchased your database or inherited one some time ago, not knowing how it came to life or how it was looked after.

The fact is that data gets bad over time.  Many sources claim that most likely it will decay about 30% a year (for business-to-consumer B2C) and even more for business-to-business B2B. Thus, if you do not maintain your database, you will definitely not help your deliverability and reputation by sending emails to these inactive addresses.


clean your mailing list


Helping Hand

However, there are tools that you can use to clean your data in bulk – for example, upload a spreadsheet and let the magic begin. There are also many clever APIs that do much of the work automatically.

One of these awesome tools is called Neverbounce. In addition to helping you remove incorrect email addresses, it offers Real-Time verification too.  They are proud of their high accuracy and low pricing.




Furthermore, there are many other features to explore:

  • Spam trap detection
  • Segmentation of results
  • Domain health check
  • Mail server validation
  • Free scrubbing and more

This tool works for all businesses: with big or small mailing lists. You can calculate your cost and see more information in their pricing section. Try them out –  your clean mailing list is just a few clicks away.


Most emails go straight to spam


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