It is not easy to be an email marketer – you have to know how your industry is changing, how the technology is evolving. Of course, the best practice advice will change too. That is why us, marketers, need to stay on top of our games, read and engage. Fortunately, you can always find a good email marketing blog to follow and learn from. There are some great forums, Facebook and LinkedIn groups that you can check out too.

email marketing blog to follow

Top 10 Email Marketing Blogs

To help you out, here’s a list of great email marketing blogs. If you are running a cool email blog (doesn’t matter if it’s still early days) let us know, and maybe we will add you into the list for others to discover!  Sharing is caring.

1. Litmus Email Marketing Blog

Litmus was founded in 2005 and throughout the years it has become one the leaders in email marketing testing and automation. Be sure to look out for their State of Email Report and listen to their really great podcasts. Don’t forget to check their email device market share statistics! Their email marketing blog is the one to follow for all: beginners and advanced marketers.

2. Really Good Emails Blog

Ah, well, this email marketing blog is the one to follow. You can surely find inspiration for your new email campaigns – check out their great emails’ gallery too! And, of course, read through their trending articles.

3. Email Monks Blog

Email Monks have a great email marketing blog. You will find interesting and current information, such as GDPR tips, email engagement and cool hacks and tips. I have to give a shoutout to them.

4. MailChimp Blog

You can find great insights from MailChimp in their email marketing blog. You can also register to get news about email marketing for agencies too. One of their recent topics covers GDRP, where MailChimp offers tools to help with GDRP implementation. You should follow them, especially if you’re a MailChimp user.

5. Codemefy Blog

Yes yes, I know,  I only want to show some love for our blog too. Though we are still small, but we are growing. Passionate about email marketing and all things digital. Also, you can reach out to us for guest blogging and collaboration opportunities too. Let’s share the love!

6. HubSpot Blog

If you are looking for a something valuable to read, you can check out the HubSpot Blog. You will find much valuable information about email marketing, social media and even photography tips.

7. StoneShot Blog

If you are in the Financial Services industry, StoneShot blog is the one to subscribe to. There are many great tips for financial marketers. You can find articles about marketing automation and workflows, compliance and, of course, plenty of best practice tips.

8. Campaign Monitor Blog

Campaign Monitor runs a digital and email marketing blog. There is much to learn from there – read about newsletters, marketing personalisation, interactivity and email engagement.

9. Kissmetrics Blog

Kissmetrics blog about analytics, data, and of course marketing, so you should expect some interesting stats once in a while. Also, surely you will find insights about email marketing too, alongside good articles about social media and even web traffic.

10. AWeber Blog

AWeber will offer you great tips on their email marketing blog. There are many categories to choose from, for example, email deliverability, email template design, various articles, and tips.

Read, Learn, Interact

I hope you will have some fun with these blogs – just remember, it is not only about reading (or printing articles out). Your engagement matters too – ask questions, leave comments, get involved in various discussions. Real engagement can bring invaluable insights.

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Author: Adele Baltuoniene. April, 2018