affordable fathers day gifts

I know, I know, this is not what I usually write about. But with this lovely day fast approaching, it’s time to search for these great but also preferably cheap Father’s Day gifts. I shared my ideas last year, and as you, the readers, enjoyed them, I’m updating this list again for 2018. I hope you’ll like these affordable gifts for Father’s Day, and as always, remember that these are affiliate links going to either Amazon or eBay.

You can also read more about the origins of the Father’s day or download the infographic calendar showing when the different countries celebrate this lovely occasion.

1. Your Family: personalised print

The first place in my list of affordable gifts for Father’s Day is going to this lovely picture. It is so cute! I think I’m getting it this year. I just love the quote “Whatever the weather we’re growing together”.  You can buy it on eBay, but remember the frame is not included.

affordable father's day gifts


2. Superhero Father’s Day keyring – Personalised

Tf you’re looking for affordable gifts for Father’s Day, this one is just great. So, the second place goes to this cool keyring. The bonus here is that you can personalise the names. I think it’s a lovely gift form your heart. And, yes, it’s quite geeky, if you haven’t noticed the Batman figure hiding over there. It’s also really cheap, so it makes a perfect Father’s day gift.

father's day keyring personalised


3. A mug is always a winner: Geeky Dad

Well, we all know that mug is a perfect choice for a present. So it’s natural that my list affordable gifts for Father’s day will include one! I think the design is cool, it’s an excellent size for his morning tea or coffee. Again, not expensive, but funny and also a bit geeky.


affordable gifts for Father’s day



4. Affordable gifts for Father’s day: Yes for this T-Shirt

T-shirts are great presents, as long as you can guess the size right. This one just made me laugh out loud. I would love one of these myself, thank you! It looks like it’s 100% cotton too, and there’s a big range of colours to select from. Not expensive, but a super fun gift.


affordable gifts for father's day: tshirt



5. Looking Good: Dad’s leather bracelet

I fell in love with this one. It says DAD, and apparently comes with a gift box (check with the seller). A bit more expensive than my previous choices, but I still adore it. A very nice gift!

affordable fathers day gift bracelet




6. Let’s have a cuppa: R2-D2 Teapot 

If we have a mug on the list, we have to have a teapot. But it’s not an ordinary teapot, I tell you! This is R2-D2, all Star Wars fans will definitely appreciate this gift.

father's day gift: r2d2 teapot





7. Write and Doodle: The Dad’s Book of Jobs To Do

A cheeky gift idea that won’t cost a lot. Thumbs up from me! You can get it on eBay.




8. Touch the Lightning: Plasma Globe Light

I always wanted to have one of those – it’s a great gift. It will not take a lot of space and is not too expensive either. Plasma globe is definitely one geeky affordable present.


fathers day gift plasma




9. Test the Logic: Puzzle it Out

This gift is a 3D brain teaser. It’s a perfect gift to kill time but also can release stress! Not expensive but lots of fun for all.

fathers day gift magic puzzle




10. A lovely card that says it all


If you really don’t have a lot of money, or you just out of ideas, you can go and find a cool Father’s day card. When I saw this, I remembered how I always ask for help getting rid of the creepy crawlies (yes, I really don’t enjoy the company of spiders).  No surprise that this card get’s a position in our gift list.father's day gift card with a spider



I hope you like these gifts! Hours of fun awaits.

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